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Cafe Style Culture Club


Our purpose was to develop an innovative training and development method that helped learning professionals and leaders facilitate change in their people. In the past year, we have helped more than 15.000 leaders create engaged, agile and high-performing teams. Our method is based on the Neuroscience of Play, to accelerate culture change, Increase employee engagement and improve skills and performance . Think of it as ‘Plasticine’ for learning and development, you can mold it to fit your ever changing needs. Our clients report back it’s on average 8x more effective than traditional approaches to change and learning. You can now access the Cafe Style portfolio of 500++ bite-size activities on a continuously evolving App, or join Cafe Style Culture Club online platform, access activities, team and solo development challenges and networking and learning from industry colleagues. About the Café Style Mobile AppPurposeThe Café Style Mobile App will provide the users access to the portfolio of CaféStyle activities on their mobile devices thereby providing the user “Agile Learning in their hands”, anytime and anywhere!!What you get ?
Free download of the app from the Playstore containing free cafestyle activities to get your started
- Details on how to run any cafestyle activity - Quick preview of activities so you save time selecting the most relevant activities.- Quick search options to find the activities that you need based on keyword search- Ability to download/print/email content related to the activity- Create your own playlists (program) using the activities available- In-app purchase of premium content depending on your requirement- Purchase pre-configured accelerators - (future)